A NEW blog! People still blog right? I figure they have to come back into fashion sooner or later.

Oh well, even if they don’t I’m going to blog and here’s WHY!


  • It gives me a chance to document in more detail the adventures I’m having as an illustrator and go into more depth when talking about process and equipment and advice and other stuff, etc. Like Cowboy and Birdbrain – which I’ll blog more about soon.
  • I can practice writing. Finding a style or voice when writing is important and blogging will help with that.. I think.. hope.. heck, I might be wasting a huge chunk of mine and your lives. Should we stop now and go our separate ways? I’m willing to keep going if you’ll keep reading?
  • Phew, dot point three. We did it! This better be good you say. Well it IS! Another great point is, there’s no noise! There’s just you and me blogging the day away. It’s a slower pace with no blinkin’ like button to get my dopamine up only to come crashing down when I realise no one’s liking every single thing I post! You’re not going to just pass it by with a flick of your finger, if you’re really reading it.. Or maybe you are, maybe your finger is hovering ready to swipe me away!! NO! Please don’t leave me on this island I’ve built!
  • Islands are nice. But you wouldn’t visit them everyday. I actually would but what I mean is there’s no pressure to post every single freaking day. I might if I have time and there’s heaps to blog about, but I’m not filling up your feed with my nonsense. You have some control over when you come visit my island. So please enjoy your stay and be sure to tip your waiter.. (that’s me 😉 )

Ok no more dot points. So even though I have this blogging island all set up now that doesn’t mean I’m not on social media, so be sure to head there too for other consumables. Facebook. Instagram.

If you’re still reading then well done you. And well done me it would seem for keeping you to the end. But it’s time to go. Off you go. Go do what you do when you do it. I know good-byes are always hard, so let’s just say… farewell! What ever that means.

Have fun!